Friday, October 30, 2009

Paper Love

I've only recently discovered my love for 3-D Collage, also called Paper Sculpture, though I've barely had any hand at it.
It has only been boosted by my recent purchase of this book:
Paper Sculpture: A Step-by-Step Guide

I can't wait to experiment and makes me excited to think about future projects. It's given me a more optimistic view of my future in art, because it's something I really enjoy and can imagine myself continuing where most other mediums never have. It makes me think this is what the 4 (well, technically 8) years of college were for.

My first attempt was with an experiment based on my previous knowledge of origami:
(encouraged my professor,
Peter Emmerich, which I will always be grateful for)

Since then, I've realized that while I would love to be able to, I just don't have the knack for formulating my own origami. So I've moved on to experimenting with cutting from a single sheet of paper....

My first experiment, cut from sheets of origami paper:
(ignore my ugly chipped nails)

And that lead to more experimentation, trying to make it more visible from a straight on angle...
One of my practice cuts for a class project, it's cut from a single sheet of Canford paper rather than layering separate pieces. If you can't tell it's (half) a dragon:

It was an enlightening experience, but I think in the end it still doesn't read well enough from photographs even though I think it looks pretty cool in person.
I want to try layering, coloring edges, and curling next.

Lesson of the day: It is foam board that they use to create depth! Or double-sided foam tape, which I think is kind of ingenious but probably less archival in the long run. Must go out and stock up.