Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Secret Places

I had to rush this to get it in time for judging, but I'm glad I did because it got accepted! It was assigned by my mentor depicting my secret place.

I'm going to clean it up the best I can before getting it framed. Certain things I would change if I had more time but it came close to how I had imagined it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Walkthrough the Portrait of Hu Yaobang

I kept bothering my friend with quick webcam pics to ask advice, so I ended up with a general idea how I went through this process.
This is probably one of the more tedious undertakings but it was still enjoyable.

First- the flowers! So many flowers! Each one took quite a bit of time. The first took me two hours to figure out how I liked the design best.
They're white chrysanthemums- traditional at a chinese funeral.

Next, the portrait. I first did the portrait in pencil to size, then went over it in black marker where I planned to cut it out.
This is partway into cutting

This is the result with a white sheet of paper behind it so you can see it

Originally it wasn't supposed to be backed at all, but it was too difficult to see. I tried a number of colors and decided on yellow

We agreed it was missing something with just the flowers and the portrait, and needed something to soften the edges. So I added a frame and the yellow "drape"

Played with the layering and placing of flowers, and the final picture!

...actually I found an extra flower after this which I added. When I get back home I'll upload a better photo of the final ^_^