Monday, November 9, 2009

I figure I might as well update whatever I'm working on that I don't want to hide in my basement in a dark corner.

This is an oil painting for my advanced color class... 
I'm really not a painter and in general I have issues with color. So I'm hoping- all fingers and toes crossed- that this works out. 
I did the grisaille in flake white replacement and mars black first. I just added the second layer of glazing in sap green, though I don't think the first layer even counts because I think i did it wrong and it doesn't show up at all. Hopefully I'm doing this correctly because I'm winging it since I had no practical lesson on how to do it. I think some details that I painstakingly worked on got lost already when I had to strip off a layer of glazing even though it was dry... 

I also added texture to the background using liquin impasto. It's also my first time using impasto and it's not quite as stiff as I'd like and I had to try a couple of different techniques before I got this effect using a burlap-like textured paper and a palette knife. I think it was the best result with the plastic bag as a close second. We'll see what my prof says tomorrow. Still have to fig out what color I want in the bg. 

This is one of a pair, but I haven't started the grisaille of the other and don't expect it'll be done by the end of the semester. 

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